Luxury Student Accommodation In Leeds

A thriving city in Yorkshire, home to three Iconinc sites in prime locations with easy access to universities and the city centre.

The Glassworks

from £199 pw
Key Features
  • Private Cinema
  • Shared Mega Kitchen
  • Relaxing Lounges
  • Large On-site Gym
  • 24 Hour Concierge
  • Peaceful Study Rooms
  • Large Private Garden
  • Sauna and Steam Room
  • iMac Station
  • Private Glamping Pods
  • The Pantry
  • Grab & Go Breakfast

The Edge

from £271 pw
Key Features
  • Private Cinema
  • Relaxing Student Lounge
  • Large on-site gym
  • 24 hour concierge
  • Peaceful study rooms
  • Mega Kitchen
  • Game Zones
  • Grab & Go breakfast
  • Pantry Store


from £179 pw
Key Features
  • 24 hour concierge
  • Peaceful study rooms
  • Relaxing Student lounges
  • Large Gym
  • Private Cinema
  • Grab & Go breakfast
  • Game zones
  • Pantry Store
  • Mega Kitchen

Leeds City West

from £375 pw
Key Features
  • 24 Hour Concierge
  • Essentialzzz

What’s Included

Experience next level student living with all inclusive apartments

Private Cinema Experience

Large On-Site Gym

Relaxing Student Lounge

24 Hour Concierge

Peaceful Study Rooms

Large Private Garden

Mega Kitchen

Sauna and Steam Room

Grab & Go Breakfast

Games Rooms

What Our Students Say?

More like a home than a student hall
Accommodation is more like a home than a student hall, with friendly staff, welcoming communal space and regular fun activities.

The facilities are like nowhere else!
The best accommodation in Leeds! The on site team are very helpful and friendly and will go above and beyond to make your time here the best! The daily breakfast is great and the facilities are like nowhere else!

I couldn’t ask for a better and safer place to live.
The Edge is an amazing place to live and the people and management is amazing and so friendly. I couldn’t ask for a better and safer place to live.

Great place to make new friends
Overall extremely good accommodation great place to make new friends and try new things. Its very inclusive and introduces you to a number of things to push you out of your comfort zone

Definitely recommend!
I had a great time during my 3 years at Iconinc!! Love it! Definitely recommend!

Great big apartments
Great big apartments and really nice staff who are always ready to help you! A lot of facilities where you can spend your free time.

Best accommodation in the city by a mile
Really nice building, best accommodation in the city by a mile. 5 stars

Explore Leeds With Iconinc

Leeds, a vibrant city in West Yorkshire, England, offers a dynamic living experience. Known for its rich history and thriving culture, living in Leeds is a delightful blend of tradition and modernity. Explore magnificent Victorian architecture, such as Leeds Town Hall and Leeds Corn Exchange, while enjoying a bustling city center filled with shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

Leeds offers a wide range of amenities that cater to the needs and interests of its residents and visitors. The city boasts excellent shopping facilities, with the bustling city center being a shopper's paradise. From high-street brands to luxury boutiques and independent shops, Leeds provides a diverse retail experience to suit all tastes. Additionally, the city is home to a vibrant food scene, with a wide array of restaurants, cafes, and street food markets offering culinary delights from around the world. Leeds also boasts a thriving cultural scene, with numerous theaters, art galleries, and museums that showcase a variety of performances, exhibitions, and collections. The city's rich history is evident in its architectural wonders, such as the Leeds Town Hall and the stunning Victoria Quarter. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy watching rugby and football matches at renowned venues like Headingley Stadium and Elland Road. Leeds is also known for its green spaces and parks, providing opportunities for leisurely walks and outdoor activities. Furthermore, the city hosts vibrant festivals and events throughout the year, celebrating art, music, food, and more. With excellent transport links and a well-connected infrastructure, Leeds offers easy access to other parts of the country, making it a convenient and enjoyable place to live or visit. Overall, the amenities in Leeds cater to a wide range of interests, ensuring that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

In the heart of Leeds

Leeds is an excellent city for students due to its thriving academic environment, vibrant social scene, affordable living costs, and strong student community. The city is home to several renowned universities, including the University of Leeds, Leeds Beckett University, and Leeds Trinity University, offering a diverse range of courses and research opportunities. This concentration of educational institutions creates a stimulating academic atmosphere, with access to world-class faculty and resources. Leeds provides a vibrant social scene that caters to students' interests and preferences. The city boasts a lively nightlife, with an abundance of pubs, clubs, live music venues, and student-friendly bars, creating a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere.

Leeds University

The University of Leeds is a renowned Russell Group university with an incredibly high teaching quality, an expansive campus right in the heart of the city, and a student society for every interest there is.

Leeds Beckett University

Beckett offers challenging and exciting courses that will help you develop vital transferable and professional skills. Their amazing tutors and industry links mean that you’ll get the support you need to build your future.

Leeds Trinity University

Leeds Trinity boasts a 'name, not a number' policy, meaning they treat their students as individuals. With amazing facilities, and a focus on employability, Trinity is known for it's student satisfaction rates.

Metfilm School Leeds

Leeds MetFilm is a renowned institution that offers a diverse range of film and media programs, fostering creative talent and preparing students for successful careers in the dynamic world of filmmaking.

The University of Law

The University of Law provides high-quality legal education. With its strong emphasis on practical skills and professional development, it equips students with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in the industry.

Leeds Arts University

With Leeds Arts University's diverse wide range of programs and industry-focused approach, it empowers students to explore their artistic potential and thrive in the ever-evolving world of art and design.

Leeds Conservatoire

Leeds Conservatoire is a leading institution with state-of-the-art facilities and a supportive environment, it enables students to refine their skills and pursue successful careers in the performing arts industry.